Welcome To Bart's Compact Woodshop
Welcome To Bart's Compact Woodshop

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Welcome To My Shop

Most of  the pictures are of the  shop & tools with  a few projects which will include items made for the shop. It will grow slowly, so please come back from time to time.

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Hello My name is Bart Leetch.


These pictures are of my old shop. I am inbetween shops now with my tools in storage.

I have a full compliment of tools which helps when making projects but takes a lot of floor space. What the heck they make sawdust whenever I have time,
But is seems most of the time my get up & go has got up & went by the end of the work day.

Here is a picture of the floor layout of my shop. (click on pic to enlarge.)

I wish I had more room & more material. I know this is the same wish we all have. Oh no I forgot more clamps...